When Should You Upgrade to a New Piccolo?

Is your piccolo frustrating to play? If you’ve taken it to a tech and still can’t get it to work, you may need a new piccolo.

When Should You Upgrade to a New Piccolo? | Piccolo Perfection

Sometimes, an upgrade can help you improve your sound. But is it worth it to upgrade now? Read on to find out!

Off to Music School

One of the best times to upgrade to a new piccolo is when you’re about to go to music school. Whether you’re entering college or graduate school, you may need a better instrument.

Of course, if you’re already buying a new flute, you may not be able to afford a piccolo as well. However, it’s worth saving up for one when you start a new music degree.

Then, you can have the best instrument you can afford. That will help you play better in ensembles or as a soloist. And you won’t have to worry about buying a piccolo after you graduate.

Better Sound

You may find that you need a better piccolo if yours is holding you back. Maybe you’re playing on a basic student model. That piccolo is great for when you first learn, but it won’t last you forever.

For example, I upgraded from my Armstrong piccolo when I played in a community orchestra. I couldn’t borrow a better piccolo. So the best thing for me to do was to splurge and buy the Pearl 105.

That piccolo had better intonation, and it was easier to blend with the rest of the orchestra. If you’re having trouble getting the best possible sound, an upgrade is worth considering.

More Specs

You might find that the music you’re playing requires more specs. Or if it doesn’t require them, having more keys may make things easier. Some piccolos are pretty basic, which is great for students.

But as you advance, you can look into a piccolo with extra keys. For example, the split E mechanism helps you play the third octave E. It isn’t necessary per se, but it’s super helpful.

You could decide you need different specs. Maybe you decide to switch from a metal or plastic model to a wood piccolo. A lot can come into play when it comes to instrument specs.

A Teacher Suggests It

If you take flute or piccolo lessons, your teacher may eventually recommend that you get a different piccolo. They may notice that you aren’t progressing as easily as you could be.

Teachers tend to recognize problems faster than students. If a teacher hears you play each week, they could tell you that you need a better instrument.

Of course, getting a new piccolo is your decision. But if your teacher is suggesting it, take that advice seriously. It may change the course of your piccolo studies.

You Have Money

You shouldn’t just spend your money on whatever. But if you’ve been saving up for a piccolo for a while, it may be worth using that money to buy a better instrument.

As long as you can find some models in your price range, you can test them out. Figure out which works best with you and your playing. Then, you’ll be able to buy a piccolo you love.

If you don’t have enough money, you can still get a new piccolo. However, you will need to finance the purchase. And that can get expensive quickly.

You Want To

Provided that you have the money, wanting to upgrade is a good reason to get a piccolo. Now, you don’t want to splurge and spend more money than you have.

So look at piccolos at a variety of price points. Read reviews and test them for yourself to see which models you like. Then, you can compare a few options to find one for you.

Soon enough, you may settle on your perfect piccolo. And you can look forward to practicing the small flute.

One Is Available

Another thing to consider is if the new piccolo you want is even available. You may need to shop around, especially if you’re looking for a second-hand option.

A piccolo can be new to you. Used models can help you save a lot of money. But you need to make sure the piccolo is playable and that it won’t require a ton of maintenance right away.

When Will You Buy a New Piccolo?

Buying a new piccolo is a personal decision. But it helps to know when you should start planning for the purchase.

That way, you can give yourself the best chance of making good progress as a musician.

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