The Piccolo Study Book: Review

Are you looking for a piccolo book to help you improve your playing? Even if you have other methods, you should try out The Piccolo Study Book.

The Piccolo Study Book Review | Piccolo Perfection

It’s a great book to reference when you want to play something short but not too short. Keep reading to learn more about this resource.

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The Piccolo Study Book by Patricia Morris is an excellent resource for piccolo players. It has a couple of pages of warmups to get you going for a piccolo practice session.

Then, the book jumps into some etudes. Most, if not all, of the etudes were composed by other people than Morris. But she adapted them to work well on the piccolo.

This book also features different sections with etudes that cover different aspects of playing, such as articulation. You can use the sections to find an etude that will help you work on what you want to improve.

Or you can go through the book like any other etude book. Start with the first etude and work your way through each one until you finish all of the studies.

Unique Features

  • Just for piccolo
  • Etudes from various composers
  • Easy to read
  • Set of warmups
  • Different categories/sections


  • Great for intermediate to advanced players
  • Easy to choose an etude
  • A bit of written material
  • Good layout
  • Nice structure


  • Not for beginners
  • Not a ton of exercises aside from the etudes

Who The Piccolo Study Book Is For

The Piccolo Study Book is right for serious piccolo students and players. It’s also an excellent addition to the library of a flute or piccolo teacher.

If you find you learn music well through etudes, you’ll also want to get this book for your piccolo studies. And if you like the Trevor Wye Practice Book for the Piccolo, this is a great book to complement that.

This book is also right for flute players looking for etudes. You can practice the studies on both the flute and piccolo. That way, you can make sure to get a good sound on both instruments.

Who The Piccolo Study Book Is Not For

The Piccolo Study Book is not for people looking for full pieces or short exercises. While those definitely have their place in your music library, they aren’t in this book.

Yes, you do get a couple of short exercises to warmup. But most of the book contains short etudes you can use. Then, you can improve your playing before you tackle a larger work.

Of course, it’s also not the best for beginner piccolo players. The book assumes you know most of the notes and that you understand music theory.

Will You Use The Piccolo Study Book?

The Piccolo Study Book is an excellent book for any serious piccolo player. Be sure to give it a try the next time you want to play an etude but don’t want to worry about cutting out low Cs from a flute study.

If you don’t have it already, buy your copy today!

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