Should You Buy a Piccolo on WWBW? Your Guide

Imagine needing a new piccolo but not being able to go shopping in person. You may want to look for a piccolo on WWBW so that you can shop from home.

Should You Buy a Piccolo on WWBW? | Piccolo Perfection

There are tons of models on the site, so consider some of your best options. Then, you can decide if it’s the right music store for you to find your next instrument!

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Pearl 105

One of my favorite piccolos that I’ve tried is the Pearl 105. A composite model, it features a grenaditte headjoint and body, so it sounds warm like wood but won’t crack as easily.

If you’re looking to upgrade from a plastic or metal model, you can’t go wrong with this one. It got me through most of grad school and served me well in a couple of orchestras and other ensembles as well as two recitals.

Read my Pearl 105 review to learn more.

Pearl 165

A similar piccolo on WWBW is the Pearl 165. It has almost the same specs as the 105, but this one comes with a grenadilla wood headjoint and special synthetic pads.

Of course, those specs also make this piccolo a bit more expensive. But it can be a good choice if you want a warmer tone but don’t want an all-wood instrument.

Read a comparison of the Pearl 105 and 165 to learn more.

Yamaha YPC-32

The Yamaha YPC-32 is an amazing piccolo for beginners, especially younger students. You can get a nice sound out of the instrument, and it’s durable.

It features a plastic body and a silver-plated headjoint. The lip plate on the headjoint can make transitioning between the flute and piccolo a bit easier.

Read my full guide to the YPC-32 to learn more.

Yamaha YPC-62

If you’re looking for a full grenadilla wood piccolo, consider the Yamaha YPC-62. The piccolo comes with either a traditional or wave headjoint depending on your needs.

It’s also an intermediate model, so you get some professional specs without a massive price tag. But the wood does require more maintenance than a plastic or metal piccolo.

Yamaha YPC-81

Moving into the world of professional piccolos on WWBW, you’ll find the Yamaha YPC-81. This model is the most similar to the YPC-62 since they have a lot of the same specs.

However, this piccolo is handmade, so it costs quite a bit more. I’d recommend this piccolo to flute players who need a pro instrument but can’t spend a ton of money.

Yamaha YPC-82

The Yamaha YPC-82 is another pro model, but it’s unlike a lot of other options. It features a sterling silver headjoint with a lip plate, rather than the standard grenadilla headjoint.

If you like to project your sound, you might find this is a better instrument for you. Plus, the body is still made of grenadilla, so your sound won’t be too shrill.

Compare the YPC-81 and YPC-82 to learn more.

Burkart Resona

Another amazing piccolo that you can buy from WWBW is the Burkart Resona. I got to try one of these a few years ago, and it sounds good and responds well.

It features a grenadilla body and headjoint, and you can choose a traditional or wave headjoint cut. This model is great for advancing students, and it can even help you get started as a professional.

Read my full Resona review to learn more.

Jupiter JPC700

The Jupiter JPC700 is a great piccolo for students, especially those who play in a marching band. It’s all silver-plated, so it looks more like a tiny flute than most piccolos do.

I started on a similar model, the Armstrong 204. These instruments are nice, but they can sound a bit shrill, so I wouldn’t rely on them much for solo playing or orchestral gigs.

Why Buy a Piccolo on WWBW

WWBW is one of the best places to shop for music stuff online. You can place your order and get what you need sent right to your home or music studio.

Here are a few reasons you may want to shop specifically for a piccolo on WWBW.

Online Orders

If you don’t live near a big music store, going online is your best option. You can have access to as broad of a selection as anyone else without having to travel to go shopping.

WWBW will even ship your order the day you place it as long as you order before 3 pm Eastern US Time. The exceptions include weekends and holidays.

Still, even if your order ships the next day, it can get to you quickly. And the website tells you if the item you’re looking for is in stock or if you’ll have to wait.

Reputable Brands

You can buy piccolos online from stores like Amazon, but Amazon is sort of the wild west of piccolo shopping. They don’t have much quality control, so you can find a lot of cheap, knock-off instruments on there.

Meanwhile, WWBW carries reputable brands of all levels. That means you know you’ll get a piccolo of good quality, and if something’s wrong a warranty will probably apply.

You can exchange your piccolo for a better one. If you’re not sure which piccolo to buy, you can try and return a few until you figure out which one is the right fit for you.

Wide Selection

As you can tell from the models above, WWBW covers almost every part of the market. You won’t find boutique brands or some professional brands, like Hammig or Keefe.

However, you can find a lot of good choices, especially if you’re new to the piccolo or are at the intermediate level. You don’t have to worry about shopping all over the internet to find a good piccolo.

Be sure to compare a few models on WWBW that are in your budget. Then, you can narrow your search and buy a piccolo that you’re pretty sure you’ll love.

Financing Options

If you can’t quite afford a piccolo on WWBW, you can look into their financing options. You can then pay off your new piccolo with monthly installments over the next few years.

This is super nice if you’re in school and need a piccolo now but don’t have much money. Plus, you don’t have to get another loan to use for your purchase, so you can buy your piccolo as soon as you’re ready.

Open Box

Another nice feature of WWBW is that they occasionally sell open box, used instruments. The selection isn’t as big as their new piccolos, but it’s good to have that option.

There are more models available if you’re open to used piccolos. Plus, you can save money when buying an open box piccolo compared to a similar or the same model but as a new instrument.

Final Thoughts

Buying a piccolo on WWBW gives you access to tons of great brands and models. If you’re a student or intermediate player, be sure to consider this online music store.

They don’t sell every piccolo ever made, but the selection is bigger than you may think. Just make sure you test your new piccolo with a drone to make sure you can play in tune!

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