To help you get started with your piccolo journey (or continue it), I want to share some of my favorite piccolo resources.

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Piccolo Picks of the Moment

Piccolo Fingering Chart

Never forget a standard or alternate piccolo fingering again. Head to the piccolo fingering chart and save the link to access whenever you practice and need to brush up on your fingerings!

Piano Keyboard and Drone

Don’t have a drone to help you tune your piccolo? This digital piano keyboard allows you to play a note and listen to it as a reference to help improve your piccolo intonation.


Every flute and piccolo player needs access to a good metronome. If you don’t have an app on your phone or a physical metronome, use our virtual metronome!


The right piccolo can do wonders for your playing. If you’re struggling to play in tune or get a good sound, the problem may have nothing to do with you.

Here are some of the best piccolos you should look into. While you still have to practice, a good model can take away a lot of the stress of your playing.

Here are some of the best piccolos you can find.


Even with a good piccolo, it helps to have some gear to use with your instrument. If you just pick up your piccolo and play, you’ll do fine.

However, some accessories can make playing or storing your piccolo easier and less stressful. After shipping around, here are some of the best accessories I’ve found for beginners through professionals.

These aren’t necessarily piccolo accessories, but you need to keep your lips from getting dry. For this, I love using the ChopSaver lip balm!

Piccolo Books

Without the right books and materials, you will have a tough time learning the piccolo efficiently. And if that happens, you may start to resent the instrument and never want to play it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great materials out there just for piccolo players.

Sheet Music

Aside from method books and etudes, you may want to start learning some sheet music. You can find some music on IMSLP, but a lot of piccolo solos are still under copyright.

That means it’s best to purchase music so that you can support composers. Then, we may get even more fantastic piccolo music in the future!

Courses and Teachers

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to take a course or find a piccolo teacher. Here are some excellent options for students who want a bit more direction when learning the piccolo.

Blog Posts

While this blog includes tons of fantastic posts, here are some to help get you started when learning how to play the piccolo.