Protec Flute Bag Review (for Piccolo Players)

Imagine heading to a rehearsal only to realize that you have your flute but not your piccolo. To avoid this situation, I highly recommend getting something like the Protec flute bag.

Protec Flute Bag Review (for Piccolo Players) | Piccolo Perfection

That way, you can keep both of your instruments together as well as your accessories. All you’ll have to grab is your flute bag, music, and whatever else you need.

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What Is the Protec Flute Bag?

The Protec Flute Case Cover is a bag that can hold a flute, piccolo, and some accessories. It has a big main compartment that has insulation to keep your piccolo safe when you go from cold to hot or vice versa.

Meanwhile, there’s a handle on the long side of the bag, just like most flute cases. However, there’s also a handle on the end so that you can hold the bag vertically, and there’s a long, adjustable shoulder strap.

The bottom of the bag has small feet that keep the bag upright if you need to set it down. And if you don’t want to use the shoulder strap, you can remove it so that it doesn’t take up space.

You get to choose from black, blue, purple, and a camouflage pattern for the appearance of the bag. Compared to other options, the Protec flute bag is very affordable.

I got it when I was in high school and use it most of the way through college. Years later, it’s still in good condition, and I like that I have the black one and can keep it on stage with me if necessary.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Multiple handles
  • Insulated main pocket
  • Comes in black or other colors


  • Not the most fashionable
  • A bit overboard for when you just need your piccolo
Protec Flute Bag Full | Piccolo Perfection

Why Use the Protec Flute Bag

Whether you’re thinking about the Protec flute bag or a bag from a different company, you should use something. Sure, you could use the case cover your piccolo came in.

But that isn’t always the most convenient, especially if you frequently have to play flute and piccolo together. I’ve used a few flute bags over the years when I’ve needed multiple instruments.

Here are a few reasons why you should get a flute bag, even for when you only have to play your piccolo.

Keep Your Flutes Together

It’s not uncommon for piccolo players to have to manage multiple instruments. Even if you focus heavily on playing the piccolo, you’ll almost always have to know how to play the flute as well.

I’ve done a lot of gigs that involved both instruments. Having a flute bag like the Protec model has allowed me to keep my instruments together, which makes everything easier to grab before a rehearsal.

You don’t have to worry about grabbing your flute but forgetting your piccolo or vice versa. That’s super useful if you tend to practice in different places, such as if you use practice rooms at a school.

Keep Accessories on Hand

Another benefit of a flute bag is that most good options have room for accessories. This is the case with the Protec bag since you have a whole outside pocket for it.

Or if you keep your piccolo in that pocket, you still have some room. You’ll also have room in the main pocket to keep a few items with your flute.

Now, you can usually fit some accessories in your piccolo’s standard case cover. However, you may have things, like pad paper, a pencil, or a screwdriver, that you need to use with both instruments, so you can keep everything in one place.

Keep Your Hands Free

Since the Protec bag has a shoulder strap, it’s the perfect option to help keep your hands free. Then, you can use your hands to carry your music or a water bottle, or simply to open doors.

I know some flute and piccolo cases and covers come with shoulder straps, but mine doesn’t. So if I carry my piccolo and flute separately, I have to juggle both of those in my hands.

Having your hands free can also just be nice, even if you don’t have other stuff to carry. You don’t have to worry as much about dropping your instruments.

Have Less Stuff to Carry

I mentioned this a bit already, but you can lessen the load of stuff to hand carry when you use a flute bag. You may have to carry a water bottle, a music stand, or your music folder.

When possible, I try to keep stuff like my music in a purse or backpack. But sometimes I don’t want the extra bulk, so I’ll just carry my iPad.

But trying to balance that and my instruments isn’t easy. Keep that in mind when packing for a rehearsal or performance and deciding how to pack your flutes.

Why the Protec Flute Bag Is Good for Piccolo Players

Piccolo players can choose from a variety of case covers and bags. However, there are a few features and things about the Protec flute bag that make it a great choice.

If you’re looking for an effective way to store and carry your piccolo, give this bag a try. Here are some benefits that may convince you this is the bag for you.

Large Outside Pocket

Of all of the piccolos I’ve played, none have a cover with a super large outside pocket. You can fit your cleaning rod and maybe a small cleaning cloth.

However, the Protec bag’s outside pocket is so big that you can even fit your piccolo in there. I did that when I used this bag as my main storage option, but my friend kept her piccolo in the pocket with her flute.

That gave her more space for cleaning supplies, flute and piccolo stands, or anything else she may need. You can take advantage of the massive pocket so that you don’t leave behind any of your piccolo accessories.

Durable Materials

The Protec bag uses excellent, durable fabric to help protect your flute, piccolo, and accessories. It also has a strong zipper and a good, comfortable shoulder strap.

Those materials all help the bag keep everything safe during storage or transportation. I had to take my flutes around to different places when I was in college, and this bag made it super easy.

Plus, the durability means you can use it for years without the bag breaking. That makes it a good replacement if your flute or piccolo case cover does have problems.

Insulated Main Pocket

Another advantage of the Protec flute bag is that the main pocket has some insulation. If you travel with your flute and piccolo (even locally), you may have to go between different climates.

When you have a wood piccolo, insulation is essential for keeping the wood from cracking. Going between temperature extremes quickly can cause the wood to overreact and develop some cracks. (Ask me how I know!)

The insulation is also nice since it acts as a bit of extra padding within the case cover. You still need to be careful, but you have a bit of extra leeway when moving the bag.

Protec Flute Bag | Piccolo Perfection

Affordable Price

Especially when you compare to other flute bags, the Protec is quite affordable. I was able to purchase it near the end of high school when I wasn’t making very much money.

Many of the other popular bags for flutes and piccolo cost well over double the price of the Protec. That makes it a nice option for students, casual players, or anyone who wants to save some money.

You can also add it to your collection and swap between bags when necessary. Or you can use the bag to store your backup flute and piccolo if you need to send your main instruments out for repairs.

Different Color Options

I like that you can choose from a few colors when buying this bag. Personally, I went with the classic black since it goes with concert black, and it can stay on stage without being obvious.

However, if you know other players with this bag, you may want to get it in blue or purple. That way, it will be easier for you to tell which bag is yours when you need to put your stuff away.

Of course, the different colors also allow you to express yourself a bit. If you really like a color that the bag comes in, buying that color is great.

Multiple Handles

One of the best things about the Protec flute bag is how you can carry it. Like most flute bags and covers, it has a handle along the top where most of the zipper is.

However, you can also use the handle on the end to carry it longways. I’ve heard that this is a nice option for air travel since it can help make your bag look smaller so that you can avoid having to check it at the gate.

Then, you get a thick, adjustable strap with comfortable padding to carry the bag on your shoulder. That’s how I primarily carry the bag, but you can do whatever makes sense for you.

Protec Flute Bag Handles | Piccolo Perfection

Who Should Use the Protec Flute Bag?

You should use the Protec flute bag if you want an affordable yet safe way to store and carry your flute and piccolo. I’d also recommend the bag to students or even casual players.

If you can’t justify spending more money on a different flute bag, Protec is great. I still have mine, and I will go back to it whenever I need a classic black bag for my instruments.

What Are Some Alternatives to the Protec Flute Bag?

Some of the best alternatives to the Protec flute bag are the Fluterscooter and Altieri bags. Both brands are significantly more expensive than the Protec, though.

I’d recommend those alternatives if you have some more money to spend. Those bags are also better for more serious players, and they can make for excellent gifts.

Will You Get the Protec Flute Bag?

If you’re tired of carrying your flute and piccolo separately, you should get the Protec flute bag. It may not be the most flashy, but it’s affordable and can get the job done.

I loved using mine during college when I would frequently have to play the flute and piccolo during a lesson, rehearsal, or practice session.

Do you want to learn about more piccolo accessories? Check out the resources page for more recommendations!

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