Lyric Piccolo: Your Guide

Do you want to upgrade your piccolo? If spending a ton of money isn’t an option, you may want to try the Lyric piccolo.

Lyric Piccolo: Your Guide | Piccolo Perfection

This model is an excellent upgrade for many players. It’s also more budget-friendly. Give it a try when looking for your next piccolo to learn if it’s right for you.

What Is the Lyric Piccolo?

The Lyric Piccolo is an excellent wood model at a reasonable price. It’s a good model if you want an upgrade but maybe you’re still in school. Lyric also makes flutes, and this piccolo plays similarly.

If you’re looking for a piccolo that won’t break the bank, you should consider the features of the Lyric model. Then, you can decide if it’s the piccolo for you.


Lyric piccolos are grenadilla wood, so you can look and sound like many more expensive models. The Lyric also features silver-plated keys to help keep the production cost down.

You’ll also get a split E mechanism to help play the high E. And every Lyric piccolo comes with a modified wave headjoint. That makes it easy to get your air into the instrument.

Like most piccolos, the Lyric model can go down to a low D. All of the specs make the model great for a variety of players.

Who It’s For

The Lyric piccolo is perfect for students looking for a wood model. If you can’t afford to spend $5k or more, this is a good option. You can still get a wooden piccolo but on a student budget.

It’s also a good option for casual piccolo players. You might not be able to justify spending more on an instrument. If you hardly ever play the piccolo, this may meet your needs.

Who It’s Not For

The Lyric piccolo is not for serious or professional players. While it sounds great and can be a good backup, you might want something better to use as your main piccolo.

I also wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. Any wood model requires quite a bit of care compared to a plastic or composite instrument.

If you need more specs, you might also want to look at other piccolos. For example, the G# facilitator or vented C key are only on higher-end models.

Where to Buy

You can buy the piccolo from a variety of places. It’s available at some of the major flute shops. Those stores ship throughout the country or even the world, so you can test the piccolo before buying.

Another place where you can get the piccolo is at a flute event or convention. The big flute shops usually have exhibition booths where you can try and buy instruments and accessories.

When I tried the Lyric piccolo, I did so through my local flute technician. She’s also a flute and piccolo dealer so had a couple of them on hand.

Should You Buy It Used?

Like any instrument, buying a used Lyric piccolo can be a great option. However, you have to know how well the previous owner took care of it.

If they maintained the piccolo, it should play well. On the other hand, if they let it sit somewhere for months, the piccolo might need some professional maintenance before it can work well.

So be sure to test out the used piccolo before you buy it. And consider the cost of maintenance that you may need to pay on top of the sale price.

How to Try the Lyric Piccolo

If you want to see if the Lyric is for you, trying it yourself is the best option. When you try the model, be sure you have specific music that you can play.

Use the music to compare the Lyric piccolo to the model you currently play as well as to any other that you’re trying. Then, you can figure out if it’s the right model for you.

Finally, be patient. You may not find the best piccolo right away, but don’t give up. After a while, you might luck out and get a good piccolo that meets your needs.

I Have a Lyric Flute. Will I Like the Lyric Piccolo?

I was playing on a Lyric flute when I first tried this piccolo. It was pretty easy to get a sound out on the smaller instrument.

However, I didn’t end up choosing the Lyric as my next piccolo. And you might have different results based on the headjoint cut and the specific instruments (serial numbers) available.

Should You Buy a Lyric Piccolo?

It depends on the current piccolo you have (if any). I had a Pearl piccolo at the time, and I didn’t hear or feel enough of a difference to buy the Lyric.

However, if you’re upgrading from a metal model, you might experience more of a difference. So the upgrade could be more worth it for you.

Do You Have to Try a Lyric Piccolo Before Buying?

You don’t have to try a Lyric before you buy one. However, I would strongly recommend you do test one out.

That’s the best way to determine if the model will work for you. And it can keep you from wasting your money.

Will You Try or Buy the Lyric Piccolo?

The Lyric piccolo is an excellent instrument for students and casual players. While it does require some maintenance, it’s more affordable than other wood models.

If I ever need a more affordable grenadilla piccolo, I’ll probably go for it. And you should give it a try, too.

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