K&M Piccolo Stand Review: Is It the Best?

Imagine playing the piccolo and taking a break, so you rest your piccolo on a chair. That may sound like a good idea, but it’s better to invest in something like the K&M Piccolo Stand.

K&M Piccolo Stand Review: Is It the Best? | Piccolo Perfection

That way, your piccolo will be even more safe and secure, and it won’t roll on to the floor while you’re gone. Read on to learn more about this piccolo stand and decide if it’s the right one for you.

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What Is the K&M Piccolo Stand?

K&M Piccolo Stand

The K&M Piccolo Stand is an excellent stand for piccolo specialists, woodwind doublers, and everyone in between. I’ve used this stand for years, and it’s held up well.

It fits in the case cover for my piccolo, so it’s super easy to take with me to rehearsals. I’ll use a different stand in my main practice studio, but I take this stand on the go.

You set the stand up by unscrewing a cap on the base. Take the cap off then let the legs fall out before securing the cap back into place with the legs out.

Do all of that in reverse to put the stand away after you’re done using it. I love how the stand is black, so it blends in with the concert stage, and it’s super compact and affordable.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Fits almost anywhere
  • Great for travel
  • Plastic so won’t scratch the inside of the piccolo
  • Holds other small flutes, like recorders


  • All black design can be hard to see on a black floor
  • Only holds the piccolo

Who the K&M Piccolo Stand Is For

As you shop for the best piccolo stand, you may wonder if the K&M model is right for you. I’d recommend this stand to a few different types of players.

Piccolo Specialists

Of course, since the K&M stand only holds the piccolo, it’s perfect for piccolo specialists. If you do a lot of gigs where you just play the small flute, you can save a bit of space in your bag.

However, you won’t have to worry about holding your instrument during long rests. And if you have a rehearsal break, you can safely rest your piccolo on the stand and know it will be relatively safe.

Traveling Players

Even if you need to play your flute as well, I’d recommend this piccolo stand to anyone who travels with their instruments. The stand is super compact and won’t take up much space in your bag.

That makes it a nice option whether you have a lot of rehearsals or even if you teach private lessons in different locations. You can cut down on your load.

Pit Orchestra Players

When I was in college, I played in a pit orchestra for the opera. I played the flute and piccolo, but I didn’t have a ton of space in front of me or to the side.

So I used this K&M stand to hold the piccolo when I was playing my flute. Now, if you play in a pit, I’d recommend adding yellow washi tape to the top to make the tip easier to see for quick instrument changes.

Recorder Players

Maybe you don’t play the piccolo, but you do play the soprano recorder. This stand is the perfect size to hold that instrument instead of the piccolo.

Both flutes are about the same height as well, so your recorder shouldn’t fall over on the stand.

Who the K&M Piccolo Stand Isn’t For

I think most players should give this piccolo stand a try, but some players may find it more of a hassle. If you fall into the following categories, there may be a better stand out there for you.

Woodwind Doublers

Depending on the type of woodwind doubling you do, you might find this piccolo stand isn’t right for you. This is particularly true if you tend to play a lot of instruments on the same gig.

You can find other flute stands, like the Hercules Alto Flute Stand, that will hold three instruments. So while the K&M stand is compact, it’s just one more thing you’d have to bring.

Music Teachers

Maybe you teach private flute and piccolo lessons. You’d probably also be better off getting a stand that can hold both instruments to help save space and reduce the number of items you have to keep track of.

Using a larger stand is especially nice if you teach in one main studio. But even if you travel to different places, a larger stand is nice because you can share it with your students during their lessons.

Other Piccolo Stands

If you find the K&M Piccolo Stand doesn’t quite meet your needs, you should look at some other options. Here are a few great alternatives that I’d recommend.

Hercules Flute Stand

The Hercules Flute Stand can hold a piccolo and any combination of two flutes/clarinets. That makes it a great choice for woodwind doublers, music teachers, and even flute players.

You screw each peg into the base, so you can use as many pegs as you want. So if you ever have a gig with just the piccolo, you can use the base with the piccolo peg and leave the flute pegs at home.

Unfortunately, the stand is a bit bulky, especially compared to the K&M. But it’s also a bit sturdier, so it’s a nice choice if you don’t want things to get knocked over.

Manhasset Piccolo Peg

If you almost always play music from a Manhasset music stand, you may want to get the Manhasset Piccolo Peg. The peg connects to the base of the music stand.

That can help you save a bit of space, and you don’t have to worry about a piccolo stand sliding around. You’ll know where to look to grab your piccolo during quick instrument changes.

Of course, it requires that you use a Manhasset music stand, which may not always be available. But it can be a good option if you almost always practice at home or in your private teaching studio.

String Swing Wall Mount Holder

The String Swing Wall Mount Holder is a great choice if you tend to practice in the same location. You can screw this piccolo peg into the wall, so you can set your instrument at whatever height you want.

I love how it’s easy to put your piccolo on the peg, and you don’t have to set it up each time you practice. Unfortunately, you can only use it in your studio.

It won’t work if you rehearse or perform outside of your home a lot. Still, it can be a nice addition to your piccolo stand collection.

Final Thoughts

The K&M Piccolo Stand is an excellent choice for any serious piccolo player. I’ve had my stand for years, and I still use it whenever I need to play the piccolo outside of my practice space.

If you’re looking for a portable, durable option, give this stand a try. But don’t forget to pair it with a metronome so that you can practice even more efficiently!

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