Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand Review

Are you tired or balancing your flute and piccolo on your lap? The Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand may be just what you need!

Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand Review | Piccolo Perfection

It holds both instruments, so you can switch between them easily or take a short practice break. Then, you don’t have to put the instruments away and take them back out all of the time.

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What Is the Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand?

The Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand is a stand that can hold up to three instruments. It comes with a base, and the three legs can fold in to make the base more compact for storage.

This stand also comes with two pegs that fit either a flute or clarinet, and you also get a piccolo peg. When you want to use the stand, you can screw the pegs into the three legs.

Then, you can quickly change between instruments as you play. And you can disassemble the stand quickly for storage or transportation. It’s a great option for a lot of players who need to double.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Fits multiple instruments
  • Great for use at home or on the go
  • Not too expensive
  • Works if you also play the clarinet


  • Flute pegs are a little short
  • Doesn’t fit low flutes

Who the Flute and Piccolo Stand Is For

The Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand is an excellent option for some players. But it’s not the best instrument stand for everyone.

Before you go out and buy it, consider the types of musicians who can benefit from a stand like this.

Flute/Piccolo Players

If you play both the flute and piccolo frequently, you may find this stand comes in handy. You only have to worry about one stand, but it can fit both of the instruments you use.

I have often played flute and piccolo on one concert. It can be annoying to set up a stand for each. But I also don’t want to have to balance the instruments on my lap.

If you want a simple place to put your instruments, you need this stand. It will make your life easier and much less stressful, so you can focus on other things.

Woodwind Doublers

The Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand is also useful for woodwind doublers. You can use the stand for your flute, piccolo, and clarinet. Then, you only need to bring a stand for your saxophone, if that’s your instrument combination.

Yes, you can use a saxophone and flute stand. But the Hercules stand is great if you don’t need to bring larger instruments. It works well when playing in a pit or teaching private lessons in your studio.

While the stand is best for the flute, piccolo, and clarinet, it may also work with an oboe or an Eb clarinet. Or you can use it for your Bb and A clarinets.

Music Teachers

Music teachers who need to use the flute or piccolo to demonstrate for students can also benefit from this stand. You can use it to keep your instruments out throughout your teaching day.

Then, you’ll be able to grab your flute or piccolo and play something for a student. When I was teaching private lessons, I loved using a stand to keep my flute handy.

While I don’t teach privately anymore, I still think this stand can help anyone who does offer lessons. You don’t have to worry about putting your flute away all of the time or resting it haphazardly on a table.

Who the Flute and Piccolo Stand Isn’t For

Unfortunately, some players may find the Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand isn’t necessary. It can be a good investment for some, but you want to make sure it’s worth it.

Consider if you fall into the following groups. If so, you may want to at least wait to purchase the stand or look at other options.

Casual Players

If you mostly play flute or piccolo for fun, you might not need a stand. You probably don’t practice enough to warrant getting your instrument out and leaving it out all day.

And you may not play more than one instrument on a concert. In those cases, having a stand may just take up space in your bag. Sure it’s nice if you need to take a water break, but that’s about it.

Even then, you can get a stand that just fits one instrument. Then, you can save space, and you’ll still have what you need. Plus, you can always get a Hercules stand later.

People Who Need the Most Portable Option

If you’re on the go a lot, you may want something more portable. I use a Hercules Travelite Flute Stand and a K&M Piccolo Stand. Those both fit in my flute bag, so I don’t need to bring an extra bag or anything.

When you have to go from place to place to rehearse, perform, or teach, you want something simple. The Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand can take up quite a bit of room.

So unless you already have to carry a ton of stuff, it’s not worth it. You’re better off getting a smaller stand for each instrument you need to play.

Anyone on a Smaller Budget

As much as I love the Hercules stand, it’s expensive. If you have a tight budget for music stuff, you may want to wait to get it. You can save up for a few months until you have the money.

Or you can ask for the stand for your birthday or the next holiday. Then, you won’t have to pay for it. Alternatively, you can ask for a gift card that you’ll use to pay for the stand.

Either way, I wouldn’t recommend ruining your finances over a flute stand. Yes, it’s helpful, but you can wait. Then, you’ll have plenty of money to get the stand you want.

Alternatives to the Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand

If you still want a good stand for your piccolo, consider a couple of alternatives. As I mentioned, I use the K&M Piccolo Stand when I need a good stand outside of my practice studio.

It’s super small and compact, so it fits in most flute bags. Assembly is also pretty quick and easy, so you don’t need a ton of extra time to put it together.

Another option that I recently got is the Fortissimo Flute Stand. It’s a flute stand but has a smaller tip at the top to fit your piccolo. So if you want to switch between instruments, that’s a good option.

Will You Use the Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand?

The Hercules Flute and Piccolo Stand is one of the best on the market. It works well for piccolo players, doublers, and teachers.

If you need a good place to rest your instruments, give it a try. It may be a bit expensive, but it’s well worth the investment.

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