Gift Ideas for Piccolo Players

Are you trying to come up with what to ask for this season? Consider the following gift ideas for piccolo players.

Gift Ideas for Piccolo Players

I have learned a lot about the gear that helps with my piccolo skills. So I compiled a list of things you can either buy for yourself or ask for from others.

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The piccolo can be very loud. While you *can* play the piccolo without earplugs, I wouldn’t recommend it. I know that I don’t feel like I can play the piccolo well without earplugs.

When I don’t have at least one earplug in, I feel like I have to hold back. If I don’t I could damage my hearing. And you won’t get that hearing back.

So if you don’t have earplugs yet, put some on your wish list. If you’re a flute teacher looking for gift ideas for piccolo players in your studio, consider giving them some earplugs. That way, you and your students can all enjoy playing the piccolo.

Piccolo Stand

Another one of my favorite accessories for my piccolo is a good piccolo stand. I have a K&M stand that I use when on the go. It’s super small and can fit in my flute bag.

When I’m at home, I put my piccolo on the piccolo peg that comes with the Hercules Flute Stand. It’s definitely sturdier than the K&M stand, but it is more expensive. Still, you can use it for your piccolo and your flute.

If you want a safe place to put your piccolo, you need to add it to your wish list. Then, you can ask someone to buy it for you. Or you can buy it with a gift card.

Piccolo Wand

Another necessity for serious piccolo players and a great gift idea is a piccolo wand. The wand is a special piccolo cleaning rod because it’s a metal rod with fabric sewn on one end.

All you have to do is swab the rod in an out of your piccolo to get rid of any moisture. And this rod is long enough to fit through your piccolo without having to disassemble it. That’s super nice for a quick cleaning during a rehearsal.

If you want to make cleaning out your piccolo easier, you need this rod. Now, the rod is a bit expensive. But that makes it the perfect tool to ask for during the holidays or for your next birthday.


Another one of the best gift ideas for piccolo players is a PiccPocket. This is a sling that you put over your shoulder, and it has a few different compartments.

You use the largest compartment to hold your piccolo. I like that it keeps the piccolo close to your body, so you can keep from letting it get too cold during a long rest.

The other compartments can hold things like a pencil, piccolo wand, and your earplugs. You can carry everything you need in the sling and leave your hands free for music, your flute, or other items.


Instruments are some of the best gift ideas for piccolo players. The Yamaha Fife is affordable, and it’s plastic, so it’s easy to care for.

I don’t play my fife very much, but it’s fun to play occasionally. It’s a good instrument to have if you want to play but don’t have your piccolo on hand. And it’s good if you want to teach younger kids.

The fife is relatively easy to play, so getting a sound on it shouldn’t take as long as on the flute or piccolo. So it might be a great gift for an aspiring flute teacher.

Another fife that you can get is the MyFife. It’s similar to the Yamaha, but it comes in fun colors like purple!


Another instrument you can play along with the piccolo is the ocarina. If you’re a fan of Zelda, you probably know about the instrument. But it’s more than just a video game instrument.

The ocarina has a fipple, so you blow into it rather than across it. It has similar fingerings to the piccolo, as well. So you may find that the instrument is a great addition to your practice.

It’s also not as loud as the piccolo. That can make it a good option if you have neighbors who will complain about your piccolo practice. So add the ocarina to your next wish list or buy it for yourself.


Of course, I can’t recommend instruments for piccolo players without mentioning the recorder. The recorder is much more than an instrument you play in elementary music class.

It has similar fingerings to the piccolo, though there are some differences. But there aren’t any keys, so you don’t have to worry about bending the mechanism.

You can choose from a variety of recorder sizes. But the soprano recorder is the most similar to the piccolo. If you want to play bigger recorders, that’s great, but I would recommend starting on soprano.

Sheet Music

If you don’t want any more instruments, consider asking your family and friends for sheet music. You can get solo or chamber sheet music, or you can even get orchestral excerpt books.

That way, you can start learning important piccolo repertoire now. When you have an audition, for example, you’ll already know some of the requirements, so you can save a lot of practice time.

Of course, you can use IMSLP for some music. But if you want to buy music under copyright, you can add the music you want to your wish list. Then, give the list to your family to give them gift ideas for your piccolo playing.

I wrote a collection of original piccolo etudes that are great for students looking to learn. They’re also for the piccolo rather than adapted from other instruments!


Have you ever forgotten your sheet music? Paper sheet music is nice, but I love using an iPad. That way, I have all of my sheet music in one place. It saves a lot of space as well.

If you have to carry your piccolo, flute, and other stuff, you probably don’t want to carry a lot of folders and books. Now, an iPad is a bigger gift.

But it can be a great gift to give yourself at the end of the year. Then, you can start to use it for your sheet music. Even though your load may not be huge, anything to reduce your load is one of the best gift ideas for piccolo players.

forScore and More

I’ve been using an iPad for sheet music for a few years. To help teach other musicians how to use it, I created a guide called forScore and More. In the guide, I teach you everything you need to know.

If you want to use an iPad for your sheet music, this guide is the perfect gift for yourself. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. And you can figure out how to practice with it.

You can also add it to your wish list. But I’d recommend buying it for yourself so that you have the email with the file to download.

What Gift Ideas for Piccolo Players Do You Want This Year?

The best gift ideas for piccolo players can vary. But they all have something to do with the piccolo or music in general. As you make your next wish list, be sure to keep these gift ideas in mind!

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