Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag: Flute vs. Music Bag for Piccolo

The Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag has become one of the most popular models out there. While I don’t know if you can still find it, there are other bags, like the Silver Bag, with the same design.

Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag: Flute vs. Music Bags | Piccolo Perfection

Either way, you can use a flute bag to help carry your flute and piccolo. But the music bag is great for multiple piccolos and your sheet music, so compare the bags to decide which is for you.

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What Is the Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag?

The Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag, or Silver Bag, is an excellent option for flute and piccolo players. It has the shape of most other flute cases and bags, but it’s a bit bigger.

You can use the extra space to store your piccolo as well as some accessories. That makes it the perfect bag for when you need to play your piccolo and flute during the same rehearsal or performance.

This bag has nice short handles to hand carry the bag, but there’s also an adjustable shoulder strap. I love that when I have other stuff to carry and want to keep one of my hands free.


  • Fits your flute and piccolo
  • Good materials
  • Adjustable strap
  • Has room for accessories


  • A bit expensive
  • Zipper may stop working

What Is the Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Music Bag?

Another option is the Fluterscooter Music Bag, which was originally for the oboe or clarinet. While this bag won’t fit your flute, it can fit a piccolo and some music or accessories.

So if you ever have to play just your piccolo, you can use the bag. It’s also a nice choice if you have a flute case or bag that you like but need something to carry your piccolo and sheet music.

I like using the bag to store my various piccolos, and it works as a good accessory bag. But the straps aren’t as comfortable as the ones on the flute version.


  • Fits multiple piccolos
  • Good for accessories
  • Nice design
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t fit a flute
  • Straps aren’t very comfortable

Why Use a Flute Bag

Whether you get a Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag or not, you should use some sort of flute bag. The right one can help you stay organized and make traveling with your instruments easier.

Here are a few reasons I love and recommend using a flute bag from any brand.

For Your Instruments

One of the best advantages of using a flute bag is that it’s specifically for your flute and piccolo. You don’t have to worry about your flutes flopping around in a bag such as if you use a backpack.

The flute version has more structure to keep your instruments in place. There are straps to hold your flute to the side, but your piccolo is a bit more free.

Still, the overall design doesn’t let your piccolo move too much. Even when your instruments are in their own cases, it’s nice to keep them pretty stable during transit.

Good for Doublers

If you’re a woodwind doubler or simply a flute player who plays multiple flutes, it’s good to have a flute bag. You can fit two or more instruments in one bag to help condense your load.

Whether you perform in a flute choir or a pit orchestra, it’s not uncommon to bring multiple flutes. If you don’t have a special bag, you’d need to carry everything separately.

I know I like carrying my flute and piccolo together when I can, especially if I also need to bring my alto flute. It’s a great option for any type of doubler.

Easy to Carry

When it comes to the flute bag, it’s pretty easy to carry. You get a set of short handles if you want to carry it in your hands, or that’s nice if you need to set the bag down easily.

However, the bag has a thick, adjustable strap that you can use to carry it. I love using the strap for long distance carrying, such as to and from my car.

It’s also nice to use the shoulder strap to keep your hands free for carrying other items. For example, I will bring my own music stand to flute choir rehearsals.

Why Use a Music Bag

Using a flute bag is a good option for when your main priority is carrying instruments. However, it’s also nice to have and use a music bag for certain occasions.

I like having a flute bag and a music bag in my inventory. That way, I can use them both for storage or choose the one I need to use when I want to use it.

Either way, here are a few advantages of using a music bag.

Carry Multiple Piccolos

Some music bags, like the Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag, will fit two or even three piccolos. Of course, it depends on the size of the cases of your instruments.

That can be a nice option if you want to use different piccolos for the pieces you play in your ensembles. You can pack one piccolo that’s more warm and another with better projection, for example.

Even if you don’t take the bag anywhere, it’s still a good storage method. I keep a few of my piccolos in my Fluterscooter music bag, and that makes it easy to find.

Perfect for Specialists

If you like carrying piccolos for different purposes, you may want to use a music bag. Most flute bags don’t have room for two piccolos unless you don’t keep a flute in there.

So you might keep your flute in its own bag but use your music bag for piccolos. And if you don’t have multiple piccolos, you might have an extra headjoint or two.

That makes the bag an excellent choice to store all of your piccolos and accessories. As I mentioned, I love using the bag to store my backup piccolos.

Fits Music as Well

You should also think about if you need to bring music with you, which you probably will. I’ve found that some music bags are big enough to fit your sheet music.

The Fluterscooter bag is a bit small, so you can’t fully close it if you store music inside. However, it’s big enough to at least hold your folder or an iPad for sheet music.

So if you only have to bring your piccolo, you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple bags. I love that since at this point, I’ve only been playing piccolo in a local orchestra.

Can You Use Both Fluterscooter Bags?

You can use both Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag models. I’d recommend using the flute bag for your flute and its accessories as well as your piccolo and accessories.

Then, you can use the music bag to store your sheet music and personal items. That way, all you need to bring are those two bags, and you’ll have everything.

Which Fluterscooter Bag Is Better?

If you only want to get one Fluterscooter bag, I’d recommend the flute bag. It’s specifically for your flute and piccolo, and it’s of good quality.

You can always use a generic tote or another, more affordable music bag for your sheet music. The materials and design don’t matter as much, and you can get a bigger bag if you choose.

Are Fluterscooter Bags Worth the Cost?

Fluterscooter bags are worth the cost because they hold up well for a few years. I’ve had my flute bag for about four and a half years, and only recently has the zipper stopped working as well as it used to.

Even then, it still works, I just have to close it in a specific way for the zipper to hold. So if you can save up the money, you can get a nice bag to use for a while.

What If You Can’t Afford the Fluterscooter Bag?

If you can’t afford the Fluterscooter bag, I’d recommend getting the Protec Flute Case Cover. It’s very similar in the design, but it’s way more affordable.

Plus, you can choose from a few different colors to help express your style. And you can get the bag so that you have something to use while you save for a Fluterscooter.

Will You Buy the Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag?

The Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag is a popular option, but it comes in a flute version and a music/oboe version. I have both bags but use them for different things.

If you can get your hands on one or both, you should consider how to use them. That way, you can make the most of your purcahse.

Do you want more ideas for accessories and bags? Head to the resources page!

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