Fluterscooter Bag Review for Piccolo Players

Is a Fluterscooter bag worth the money? Before you decide for sure, consider the pros and cons of this line of bags.

Fluterscooter Bag Review for Piccolo Players | Piccolo Perfection

Some flute players love them, but they aren’t for everyone. You should decide for yourself if you want to use one of these amazing accessories.

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What’s the Fluterscooter Bag?

The Fluterscooter bag is actually a line of bags that can hold your flute, piccolo, and accessories. You can choose from cedar wood, silver, and a slew of other colors.

Many of the bags look like fancy purses but in the shape of a flute case. What I like about the cedar wood and silver bags, though is that they have shorter handles for hand carrying and a longer, adjustable shoulder strap.

Regardless of the style, the bag features a main compartment to store your instruments. You can also keep some accessories in there, and you can put the rest in the outer pocket.


  • Multiple colors
  • Different styles
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Looks great


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Can be a bit flashy for some

Why the Fluterscooter Bag Is for Piccolo Players

If you’re trying to decide on the best flute bag for you, consider why the Fluterscooter bag can work. Here are a few of my favorite things about this bag.

Holds a Flute and Piccolo

As a piccolo player, you often have to play the flute as well. So it’s nice to use a bag that can fit both instruments, which means you can cut down on your load.

If you go to lessons or rehearsals often, you might not want to carry a ton of stuff. Instead of leaving other things at home, consider how you can consolidate.

Then, you may only need to bring your flute bag, a music bag, and perhaps a music stand. Most other necessities can fit in your music bag, such as your phone and keys.

Space for Accessories

Keeping your flute and piccolo together is nice, but it’s much more helpful if you can keep some accessories there as well. I’m able to keep a flute and piccolo stand as well as earplugs in the main compartment.

In the outer pocket, I’ll keep my flute and piccolo cleaning supplies. That way, they’re out of the way when I’m playing, but they’re easy to get when I’m done practicing.

You don’t want to overstuff the bag, but you can fit quite a bit inside. It’s a great way to keep all of your necessities in one place for the next time you need to play your instruments.

Stylish Appearance

Of course, any Fluterscooter bag you get looks amazing. People will probably compliment you on your bag, and they may even mistake it for a purse.

You don’t need the most stylish gear for your flute, but it can be nice. A lot of us are flute divas, so we like to show off our style, and there are plenty of colors for that.

Sometimes, nothing beats a stylish flute bag when you have to wear concert black. You can still express yourself when you go to a rehearsal or concert.

Why You Might Not Want the Fluterscooter Bag

As great as the Fluterscooter bag is, it’s not for everyone. Consider a few possible drawbacks to determine if they’re worth it for you to use one of these bags.

No Room for Music

Unfortunately, the standard Fluterscooter bag doesn’t fit sheet music. You can get the oboe bag and use it as a music bag, so you can carry your sheet music.

However, that means you’ll still need to buy an extra bag for all of your stuff. There are bags out there that can fit your flute and music, so you don’t need separate ways to carry them.

Somewhat Expensive

Even the most affordable Fluterscooter bag is on the more expensive side overall. If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend the Protec Flute Case Cover since it’s very similar but costs way less.

Now, some of the Fluterscooter bags use real leather, which accounts for the price. But even the synthetic bags are still out of many people’s budgets.

Uncomfortable Straps

I have the Cedar Wood bag, which features comfy straps, but most of the other colors don’t. The straps are similar to those on fancy purses, which can look great.

But they can feel a lot tougher to wear, and they can dig into your shoulders. Keep that in mind if you need to carry your flute over your shoulder a lot.

What Colors Does the Fluterscooter Bag Come In?

The Fluterscooter bag comes in black, silver, cedar wood, and tons of other colors. I’ve found the color options tend to change, so if you see a color you like, try to get it soon.

That way, you can keep from missing out if they decide to discontinue the color.

Can You Use a Fluterscooter Bag for Just Your Piccolo?

You can use a Fluterscooter bag for just a piccolo, but it may be a bit overkill. Odds are, you don’t need that much space for your accessories, so you can get away with just using the piccolo case cover you got with your instrument.

If you want a stylish option, consider the music bag style. It can fit your piccolo and music.

Why Are Fluterscooter Bags So Expensive?

Fluterscooter bags are expensive because they use good-quality materials. The bags can also last for years, even if you use the bag all of the time.

So over a few years, the cost-per-use can go down. That can make the purchase worth it.

Will You Use a Fluterscooter Bag?

If you want something stylish to store and transport your flute and piccolo, try a Fluterscooter bag. These bags are some of the best on the market.

You can choose your favorite color and decide between a few styles. If you want to learn more about flute bags, head to the resources page.

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