ChopSaver Lip Balm: A Review for Musicians

Imagine having the gig of a lifetime, but your lips are as dry as ever. In case that ever happens, you need to have some ChopSaver lip balm on hand.

ChopSaver Lip Balm: A Review for Musicians | Piccolo Perfection

The lip balm is unlike any other brand on the market since it was made by a musician. If you want to learn more about the product, keep on reading.

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What Is ChopSaver Lip Balm?

ChopSaver lip balm is probably my favorite lip balm that I’ve ever tried. I don’t remember when I first learned about it, but I know that I was hooked as soon as I used it.

The balm feels super nice and smooth on my lips, and I love how it doesn’t feel terribly thick like some products. It also blends into my lips pretty easily, so I can put it on about 15 to 30 minutes before a rehearsal and be fine.

Like most other lip balms, it comes in a convenient little tube. I have a ChopSaver balm everywhere from my desk to my night table to my wallet and more.

ChopSaver Original Lip Balm

ChopSaver Lip Balm original

The standard option you have when trying this product is the Original ChopSaver All Natural Lip Care. It comes in a green package, and it uses all natural and organic ingredients.

I keep one of these lip balms on my desk, so it’s easy to use when I’m working. It’s also a good option if your lips need moisture at night or when you’ll spend your day inside.

ChopSaver Lip Balm With SPF

ChopSaver Lip Balm With SPF

More recently, I’ve primarily used the Original ChopSaver SPF 15 Lip Care. I don’t know about you, but my skin can burn easily, and I imagine the same is true of my lips.

Because yes, your lips can burn if they’re exposed to the sun too much. I like how this version comes in orange packaging, so it’s easy to grab the right tube in the morning if you need to care for your lips.

Where to Buy ChopSaver Lip Balm

I’ve always bought my ChopSaver lip balm from Amazon. However, I saw that you can buy it from Walmart, or at least the Walmart website.

There’s also the ChopSaver website. A few other music-related online retailers sell the balm, so go through whatever store you prefer ordering from.

ChopSaver vs. Other Lip Balms

If you’ve never used ChopSaver before, you may wonder if you should switch. We all have our tried and true lip products. When I was younger, I was a fan of the ChapStick brand.

But I know a lot of people love their Burt’s Bees lip balm. No matter what brand you use now, here are a few reasons why I’d recommend switching to ChopSaver, especially if you’re a wind player.

Flavor or Scent

I remember using cherry ChapStick as a kid, and it was fine. But the flavor/scent wasn’t my favorite, especially when it comes to something you put on your lips.

It tastes a bit too much like cherry cough medicine, right? While ChopSaver doesn’t come in a ton of flavors like some lip balms, the one flavor it does come in is citrus, and I love it.

Of course, citrus flavors aren’t for everyone. But I love how the scent or flavor is natural, so I don’t have to worry about a ton of irritation to my lips.

SPF Coverage

Whether you’re comparing the different ChopSaver lip balms or comparing the brand to a competitor, I’d recommend looking for a product with SPF coverage.

Sure you can use a lip balm without SPF before bed. But if you need to use it throughout the day, having SPF coverage can help protect your lips from too much sun exposure.

The last thing I want to have happen is for my lips to get a sunburn and keep me from playing my flutes. I like how ChopSaver offers both options, which isn’t always the case.

Natural Ingredients

Another one of my favorite things about the ChopSaver lip balm is that it has very few ingredients. The ingredients it does have are all natural and organic.

Obviously, just because something’s natural doesn’t mean it’s good (arsenic is natural, for example). But the ingredients in ChopSaver are safe, and dermatologists recommend the lip balm.

Who’s gonna argue with the professionals who know about skin?

Why Musicians Should Use Lip Balm

Whether you’re a piccolo player, flute player, woodwind player, or even a brass player, you need to use lip balm. Even non-musicians need to use it occasionally.

But it’s particularly important when you play a wind instrument that requires your lips to be in tip-top shape.

Keep the Lips Moist

If my lips get too dry, I have a tough time making a sound on my various flutes. But you don’t want to lick your lips to moisten them.

I’ve heard that can have the opposite effect over time, and it could actually dry your lips out even more. So it’s better to take the time and use some lip balm if you can.

I always keep my ChopSaver on hand in my practice studio. I’ll also use it before I head to rehearsal so that I don’t have to worry about my lips drying out.

Help Heal Cracked Lips

Sometimes, I can use all of the lip balm I want, and my lips will still get dry and crack. This happens mostly in the winter when the air is just drier in general.

When your lips crack, they can hurt, and it can be even harder to play your instrument. Using some lip balm each day is a great way to help cracks heal and keep them from getting worse.

Protect the Lips From the Sun

Regardless of whether you’re a musician, nothing is worse than a sunburn. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a sunburn on my lips, but I know I never want to.

One of the reasons I switched from the original to the SPF ChopSaver is to protect my lips from sunburns. Maybe you do a lot of outdoor gigs, so your lips are in the sun a lot.

Or even if you don’t go outside that much, it never hurts to add a bit of protection.

By Musicians for Musicians

When it comes to the ChopSaver lip balm specifically, I love how it was designed by a trumpet player. That means it’s perfect for wind and brass players.

Some other balms are great, but they don’t consider the needs of musicians, such as the ability to put lip balm on and be ready to play an instrument within minutes.

Will You Use ChopSaver Lip Balm?

ChopSaver lip balm is one of the best products to come out of the musical world. I love how smooth it feels and how it easily blends into my lips without feeling thick and gunky.

Be sure you give this lip balm a try if you haven’t yet. And check out my other favorite products for piccolo players and other musicians!

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