piccolo review

Shining Piper Fife Review and Guide

Imagine your child begging you to learn to play the piccolo, but they’re too young. Before you ignore their request, consider having them learn the Shining Piper fife. The fife is a great alternative to absolute beginners, including young children. Consider whether it’s the right instrument for you or your child.

Burkart Piccolo Guide

Do you want to improve your piccolo playing? You may want to look into buying a Burkart piccolo. These instruments are some of the best you’ll find, but they aren’t for everyone. Consider if any of the models would work for you.

The Piccolo Study Book: Review

Are you looking for a piccolo book to help you improve your playing? Even if you have other methods, you should try out The Piccolo Study Book. It’s a great book to reference when you want to play something short but not too short. Keep reading to learn more about this resource.