piccolo review

Burkart Piccolo Guide

Do you want to improve your piccolo playing? You may want to look into buying a Burkart piccolo. These instruments are some of the best you’ll find, but they aren’t for everyone. Consider if any of the models would work for you.

The Piccolo Study Book: Review

Are you looking for a piccolo book to help you improve your playing? Even if you have other methods, you should try out The Piccolo Study Book. It’s a great book to reference when you want to play something short but not too short. Keep reading to learn more about this resource.

Plastic vs. Wood Piccolo: Which Is Better?

Do the different piccolo materials overwhelm you? You’re not alone; the difference between a plastic and wood piccolo can seem small, but you may want one material over the other. Last week, I compared metal and wood piccolos. So this week, I decided to compare the wood piccolo to the plastic piccolo. But first, this …

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