Trevor Wye Practice Books for the Piccolo: Review

Do you want to become a good piccolo player? You may want to use the Trevor Wye Practice Book for the Piccolo. It’s not for every player. However, it can be a great addition to your music library for occasional or daily use. Read on to learn if you should get the book.

Plastic vs. Wood Piccolo: Which Is Better?

Do the different piccolo materials overwhelm you? You’re not alone; the difference between a plastic and wood piccolo can seem small, but you may want one material over the other. Last week, I compared metal and wood piccolos. So this week, I decided to compare the wood piccolo to the plastic piccolo. But first, this… Continue reading Plastic vs. Wood Piccolo: Which Is Better?

Pearl 105 Piccolo Review

When shopping for a piccolo, you should consider piccolo reviews to narrow your choices. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts about the Pearl 105 piccolo. Whether you’re a piccolo student, performer, or teacher, you should know about this incredible piccolo model. Even if you don’t end up getting it, you never know if… Continue reading Pearl 105 Piccolo Review