Should You Buy a Piccolo on Amazon? What to Consider

You need a new piccolo, and you need one fast. But you don’t have a local music store with any in stock, so you wonder if it’s okay to buy a piccolo on Amazon.

Should You Buy a Piccolo on Amazon? | Piccolo Perfection

Buying a piccolo through Amazon isn’t as bad as you may think. I’ve done it, and the piccolo served me well for a few years before I needed another upgrade.

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Why Buy a Piccolo on Amazon

Amazon may not be the most well-known flute and piccolo shop. However, there are a few reasons why you may want to use it for instrument shopping.

I’ve bought a piccolo from their marketplace, and there are a few advantages of doing so.

All Price Points

One of the nice things about Amazon is that you can find flutes and piccolos of all levels. So whether you’re looking to start learning either instrument or need an upgrade, you have options.

Now, that’s not to say Amazon is perfect. However, you can find piccolos from a variety of well-known brands from Pearl to Yamaha to Azumi.

No matter your budget, you’ll have access to at least a couple of piccolos to choose from.

Fast Shipping

I can’t talk about shopping for a piccolo on Amazon without mentioning the shipping. If you have a Prime account, you already get free two-day shipping, which is a lot faster than some other online music retailers.

Not only that, but some products come with even faster shipping options, depending on where you live and where the piccolo you buy will be coming from.

And if faster shipping isn’t available for free, you can upgrade. I did so to receive my Pearl 105 from Amazon within a day, and it was super nice.

Financing Options

Another nice thing about buying an instrument through Amazon is that you have a few financing options. For one, if you have an Amazon credit card, you can put the purchase on that card and pay it off later.

Some product listings also have financing options that don’t require an Amazon card. So you could use any old credit or debit card you have to pay the instrument off over time.

What’s more, Amazon gift cards are a popular gift. If you have a few gift cards sitting around, the perfect way to use them up is to put them toward the cost of your new piccolo.

Variety of Sellers

If you’re looking to buy a piccolo on Amazon, you have access to different sellers. Flute Center of New York is one of the most well-known flute shops, and they have some Amazon listings.

You can also find other small, general musical instrument shops on the platform. That way, you’ll be able to buy your instrument from a trusted company but still take advantage of Amazon.

Trusted Brand

A lot of people trust Amazon and have had a good experience buying stuff from them. That can make it easier to justify buying an instrument from them, especially if you need financial help from your parents or a partner.

You won’t have to explain to someone why Amazon is worth shopping at. Plus, you also don’t need to worry about creating a new account to buy something online.

Why Not Buy a Piccolo on Amazon

Of course, for as many good things, there are just as many bad things about buying a piccolo from Amazon. Before you open your wallet, consider why it’s not the ideal place to go piccolo shopping.

Here are some reservations you may have, especially when you’re looking for a professional piccolo.

No Trial Option

One of the biggest downsides of Amazon is that they don’t let you try a piccolo before buying it. A lot of the major flute shops will send you a few instruments to try at home before you commit to one.

Now, those stores will take your credit card, but they may not charge you until the trial period ends. But if you shop on Amazon, you have to purchase whatever piccolos you want to try first.

Sure, you can return them (assuming the seller allows returns), but that can still make things harder. If you’re not quite sure what flute you want, you could waste time and money on orders and returns. And too many returns could get you banned from Amazon.

Scammy Sellers

Another drawback of Amazon is that there’s no real quality control of third-party sellers. Anyone can join as long as they’re willing to pay the monthly fee.

That means if you aren’t careful, you could end up purchasing a piccolo from a scammer. At best, they may send you a used piccolo they claim to be new.

But at worst, they may take your money and stop responding when you ask why they never send an instrument.

Not a Full Selection

Amazon has more flutes and piccolos for sale than you may think. However, that doesn’t mean they carry every single model that’s ever been made.

Depending on the brand or model you want, Amazon might not be an option. You’ll then have to make a choice to get a piccolo that sort of works or to go shopping elsewhere.

Only you can make that choice for yourself. But it’s worth searching Amazon when you know what piccolo you want to see if they even have one for sale.

Presence of Counterfeits

I’ve read countless reviews of piccolos and flutes on Amazon. While most are positive, there are some that state the seller has counterfeit flutes and piccolos.

This is particularly true of Yamaha models, so you need to keep an eye out. Not all of the listings are counterfeits, but they do occur, so you can’t just buy the first piccolo you find on Amazon.

Tips for Buying a Piccolo on Amazon

Before you buy a piccolo on Amazon, you need to know how to do it right. I’ve purchased a few instruments on the platform, and I’ve learned some things along the way.

Here’s what you need to do before placing your order.

Read the Reviews

If you’re trying to narrow your choice of piccolo models, check out the reviews. This will help you figure out if a listing is for a counterfeit piccolo or a legit model.

However, the reviews can also help you learn more about the seller. Look at the seller’s profile to see what people have to say about them.

If there are a lot of negative reviews, you should probably keep shopping, even if you still want to buy from Amazon.

Upgrade the Shipping

Once you select the piccolo, don’t be afraid to pay a bit extra for faster shipping. You’re probably already spending at least $1,000, so what’s another $10 or $20 for one-day shipping?

I did this when I bought my Pearl in the summer, and I got it the day after I bought it. Fast shipping is particularly helpful during the extreme seasons since your piccolo won’t have to sit on a truck or warehouse for longer than necessary.

Watch for the Delivery

If possible, I’d also recommend staying home the day your piccolo is supposed to get to you. Pay attention to the tracking status in your Amazon account.

Then, you or a loved one can stay home and know when the piccolo is delivered so that you can get it inside quickly. As far as I know, Amazon doesn’t insure shipments, and instruments are big targets for thieves.

The faster you get your new piccolo inside, the better. Not only can you protect against it getting stolen, but you can also get it into a climate-controlled environment a lot sooner.

Final Thoughts

Buying a piccolo on Amazon may seem like the worst decision in the world. However, it can be helpful to have Amazon as an option.

I bought my intermediate piccolo through the site, and I have no regrets.

Now, before you go piccolo shopping, consider some of the best piccolo models you’ll find on Amazon.

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