9 Best Piccolos on Amazon: A Buyer’s Guide

Imagine your piccolo breaks, but you don’t have a backup. So you decide to look at the best piccolos on Amazon to get a backup instrument quickly.

Best Piccolos on Amazon: A Buyer's Guide | Piccolo Perfection

Amazon may not be known as the top place to buy a piccolo, but you have more options than you’d expect. Read on to learn more.

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1. Pearl 105

The Pearl 105 is one of the best piccolos on Amazon, and it’s the very piccolo I bought from the site. This piccolo features a grenaditte composite body and headjoint.

I love how it has a split E mechanism, and the keys have an ergonomic layout. That makes it easy to hold the piccolo and play it for a longer period whether you have small or large hands.

Plus, the composite material makes the piccolo sound warm, and it’s easy to blend. I got this piccolo when I needed a better model to play in an orchestra, and it worked out great.

2. Pearl 165

A similar model to consider is the Pearl 165. It’s almost the same as the 105, but it has a grenadilla wood headjoint instead of a composite headjoint.

This piccolo also has special omni-synthetic pads that close well and can help you avoid leaks. I like how it also has a split E mechanism.

And like with the 105, the 165 comes in a case with spots for two headjoints. So you could buy the composite Pearl headjoint so that you can play the piccolo outside and not worry about the wood cracking.

3. Armstrong 204

Another amazing piccolo you can buy on Amazon is the Armstrong 204. I got started playing on this model, but I didn’t get it through Amazon.

This piccolo is all silver-plated, so it looks and sounds like a teeny flute. I loved using the piccolo in marching band because it sounded good on the football field.

The metal helps make the sound carry over the brass and other woodwinds in the band. It’s not the best for use indoors, but it’s a good choice for beginners.

4. Jupiter JPC1000

The Jupiter JPC1000 is a great student model with a plastic body and a silver-plated headjoint. I like how it features the metal headjoint with a lip plate, which can help new piccolo players transition from the flute.

This model is also not too expensive, but it’s also not the cheapest. Still, that makes it a suitable choice for students or amateur players who want to start playing the piccolo.

You can find this piccolo new or used on Amazon. But if you look for a used one, you may find it under the model number 303 since that’s the prior version of the JPC1000.

5. Jupiter JPC1010

If you’d prefer an all-plastic piccolo, I’d recommend the Jupiter JPC1010. This piccolo is useful for students who need a sturdy model for indoor concert season and outdoor marching season.

The plastic helps give you a warmer sound compared to the 1000, but it doesn’t have a lip plate. So if you like that feature on a piccolo, you may not enjoy this model.

Still, I’d recommend at least looking into it and trying it out. Plus, there’s no cork on the body tenon that you have to keep moist with cork grease, so there’s less maintenance than a lot of piccolos.

6. Yamaha YPC-32

The Yamaha YPC-32 is probably one of the most popular student piccolos. It’s most similar to the Jupiter 1010 in that it comes with a silver-plated headjoint and a plastic body.

This piccolo is a bit more expensive than some of the other piccolos. However, Yamaha is known for making great quality instruments, so it’s worth spending a bit more.

I like how this model features a split E mechanism, so you can play the third octave E more easily.

7. Yamaha YPC-62

If you’re looking for a wood piccolo, I’d suggest the Yamaha YPC-62. I believe I got to play this piccolo as a student in college because my university owned one.

The wood offers an amazing sound that blends well with other instruments. Compared to other wood piccolos, this model is relatively affordable, so it’s a good entry to that world.

Plus, if you buy it on Amazon, you can get it shipped to you quickly. That way, you won’t have to worry as much about it cracking because it sits on a truck or in a warehouse with no climate control.

8. Yamaha YPC-81

The Yamaha YPC-81 is another wood piccolo, and it’s a professional model rather than an intermediate one. I got to try one when I was trialing professional piccolos near the end of grad school.

I love how this model can come with a traditional or wave headjoint, which is pretty standard among handmade piccolos. Plus, it has a split E mechanism and an offset G key.

This piccolo is a great choice for flute players who need a good piccolo. However, there are better options if you’re a piccolo specialist or otherwise serious about the instrument.

9. Selmer Prelude PC711

Moving back to the student level, we have the Selmer Prelude PC711. This is yet another piccolo with a silver-plated headjoint and a composite body.

I like how it features a split E mechanism, which seems to have become standard among piccolos. It’s also a lot more affordable than even the most similar piccolos, like the Jupiter or Yamaha.

Selmer isn’t the most popular flute or piccolo brand, but they’ve recently updated their instruments. So if you’re on a budget but want a good new piccolo, give it a try.

Why Buy a Piccolo on Amazon

A lot of people will warn you not to buy even the best piccolos on Amazon. And to a point, those warnings have some merit, but I wouldn’t say it’s a hard and fast rule to avoid the platform.

I bought my Pearl piccolo from Amazon, and it worked great for me until I upgraded about three years later. You just have to be careful about the piccolo you do buy.

If you can do that, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

Fast Shipping

When I was looking at the best piccolos on Amazon, I went on there because I needed a piccolo quickly. I’d finished college and no longer could borrow a wood model.

But my Armstrong piccolo wasn’t that easy to blend with the orchestra I was playing with. Of course, Amazon offers two-day shipping, but you can upgrade for even faster delivery.

I did just that because I ordered the piccolo at the end of July. Since it was super hot out, I didn’t want to let the piccolo sit somewhere for too long and risk the glue melting.

Authorized Sellers

A lot of the things you buy on Amazon aren’t sold directly from the company but from third-party sellers. You can find quite a few reputable music shops selling flutes and piccolos through Amazon, including the Flute Center of New York.

So while you can buy a piccolo from any seller, I’d look for sellers who are music stores. It doesn’t have to be FCNY, but you should look at the reviews.

That way, you can make sure the piccolo you buy will come from a company that takes good care of instruments.

Amazon Gift Cards

I don’t know about you, but I tend to collect a few Amazon gift cards between birthdays and holidays. When I bought my Pearl 105, I’d collected a few Amazon and Visa gift cards.

You can apply the balance to your purchase, so it’s an easy way to save a few hundred dollars on a piccolo. For example, I saved around $250.

If you don’t have an Amazon gift card, you can turn a Visa card into an Amazon card. Then, you can reduce your out-of-pocket cost of the piccolo.

How to Choose a Piccolo on Amazon

If you want fast shipping or to save some money, you need to know how to choose the best piccolo on Amazon. Here are a few of my best tips.

First, you’ll want to consider the materials, such as whether you want a plastic, metal, or wood piccolo. Don’t forget to look into the cost and your overall budget.

When it comes to Amazon, you need to be especially careful about the brands you buy from. There are a lot of super cheap brands that make low-quality piccolos that will break, so stick to brands like Pearl, Yamaha, and Jupiter.

Finally, I’d recommend sticking with new piccolos. You can buy a used one, but you need to be extra careful. Just like there are no-name brands of piccolos on there, the used models may not be in good condition.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best piccolos on Amazon, you have more options than you may expect. Be sure to stick with reputable brands and professional sellers.

Then, you can get a piccolo quickly and for a decent price. I’d recommend the Pearl 105, but we all have different tastes, so you need to choose a piccolo that works for you.

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