Best Piccolo Sonatas

Are you looking to learn a big piccolo piece? Consider some of the best piccolo sonatas and if you like any of them more than others.

The Best Piccolo Sonatas | Piccolo Perfection

Just like music in general, not all piccolo sonatas are the same. That means there should be something for almost everyone. Listen to these pieces to find music you want to learn.

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Harberg Sonata

The Amanda Harberg Sonata is a a relatively recent addition to the piccolo repertoire. It’s an excellent piece, especially if you want to work on music by women.

This piece is only about 12 minutes, so it’s not too long. If you’re looking for a little something to add to a recital, consider learning it and making it an opener or closer.

Mower Sonata

Another great piccolo sonata is by Mike Mower. It’s a fun piece with an interesting piccolo part and an interesting piano part. I have yet to learn this piece, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Like the Harberg sonata, this one is somewhat new. However, it’s quickly become a standard part of the piccolo repertoire. Give it a try if you need to add a sonata to a recital program.

Smith Sonatas

Matt Smith has written a few sonatas in the past. So if you like one, you might like the others. One of the more famous sonatas is the third one, also titled “To the Nth Degree…

I’ve read through part of a Matt Smith sonata, and the music is pretty hard but fun. It will take work to put together with a pianist, but it can be well worth it if you want to take the piccolo seriously.

Schocker Sonatas

Like Smith, Gary Schocker has written multiple sonatas for the piccolo. You can choose from the different sonatas to find one that you like, or you can play all of them.

What’s more, Schocker is a flutist himself. That means he knows a good deal about the piccolo, so the music works well on the instrument. Be sure to listen to all of his sonatas to choose your favorite.

La Montaine Sonata

Another one of the best piccolo sonatas is the La Montaine Sonata. If you play a lot of solo flute music, you may recognize the composer. In addition to the solo flute sonata, there’s a piccolo sonata with piano.

The piccolo sonata is a great option, and it was one of the required pieces for the first NFA Piccolo Artist competition. This piece as quickly become an important part of the repertoire.

Amlin Sonatina Piccola

The Amlin Sonatina Piccola is yet another fantastic piece. It only lasts five minutes, so it’s nice if you’re looking for something short. You can work on it on your own or add it to a recital.

If you like the Amlin concerto or any of his other works, you’ll probably like this piece. It’s a good option if you need to play something on the piccolo but don’t want to work on a massive piece.

How to Choose Between Piccolo Sonatas

When looking for repertoire, you have a lot to consider. There are more piccolo sonatas than you might think, so you should listen to a few of them.

Then, you can figure out which piece or pieces are best for you. Here are a few things to think about.

Competition Requirements

If you’re participating in a competition, you will need to learn pieces for that specific event. For example, the 2022 NFA Piccolo Artist competition required the Harberg Sonata.

As you look at competitions, think about what sonatas they require or if they let you choose the pieces you record. Then, you can make sure the piece you learn can help you with the competition in question.

Recital Requirements

Maybe you aren’t doing a competition but are doing a recital. If you’re in school, your teacher may have specific repertoire requirements. For example, I usually had to do a French piece, a sonata, and a concerto.

You may be able to meet the sonata requirement with one of the many piccolo sonatas. Then, you can find music you like to round out your overall recital program.

Your Preferences

Finally, you should consider what music you like. Different composers have unique styles, so you might not like all of the piccolo sonatas out there.

Listen to a few composers to see what music you like. Then, you can narrow your search to a piece that you’ll look forward to learning and performing.

Which of the Best Piccolo Sonatas Will You Play?

There are tons of pieces out there, and some of them are a few of the best piccolo sonatas. Be sure to check out a few options as you look for new music to learn.

Then, you’ll enjoy practicing your piccolo. And you can fulfill any competition or recital requirements in the process.

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