Best Piccolo Accessories: Buy These Now

What are the best piccolo accessories? You should consider a few items to add to your piccolo or flute case.

Best Piccolo Accessories: Buy These Now

I’ve collected these items over the years, and some are more useful than others. But they all come in handy in at least a few scenarios.

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If you play the piccolo much, you NEED a good pair of earplugs. I use and love the Etymotic ER-20 earplugs.

They’re soft enough to be pretty comfortable in my ears. I also love how they have a string that connects them, so you can’t lose just one.

Unfortunately, they do tend to collect earwax. That can make them look gross, but you can avoid that by cleaning them regularly.

They come in a clamshell case, so you can put them in your piccolo or flute bag.

Etymotic ER-20 Earplugs
Earplugs in a clamshell case

Piccolo Stand

Another one of my favorite piccolo accessories is a piccolo stand. You can use one that’s part of a multi-flute stand.

I have the Hercules Alto Flute Stand and used the piccolo peg I got with another Hercules flute stand. This stand is great for practicing at home since I don’t have to set it up and take it down all of the time.

Hercules flute stand with flutes on it

When I play my piccolo out of the house, I’ll usually use a K&M Piccolo Stand. It’s small and compact, so it fits in my piccolo case cover.

I added a bit of yellow washi tape to make the tip of the stand easy to find. And the stand has held up for like six or seven years at this point.

K&M Piccolo Stand with piccolo on it

Cork Grease

Not all piccolos need cork grease because not all piccolo have a cork. You can tell if you should use cork grease by looking at the tenon on the body.

If there’s a piece of cork where the headjoint connects to the body, you should use cork grease on that area. Otherwise, you shouldn’t use cork grease.

That will only make your piccolo worse (maintenance-wise).

Piccolo Wand

One of the best piccolo accessories you can get is a piccolo wand. I love how you can swab out the inside of the piccolo without disassembling it.

You do have to screw it together, but it’s plenty long for the instrument. I believe it can even go in a Nagahara mini as well.

Either way, having a piccolo wand is great. You can swab out your instrument quickly if water bubbles develop. And you’ll save time by not having to re-tune your piccolo.

Picc Pocket

I recently got a Picc Pocket and have experimented with it a bit. It’s definitely not a necessary accessory.

However, if you already have all other piccolo accessories, it’s a fun one to test out. You can use it to carry your piccolo around or keep it warm while you’re playing the flute.

It’s a nice option if you have to carry a lot of other stuff. You can save room for other things in your hands.


Hopefully, you’ll never have to make an emergency flute or piccolo repair. But you never know what might happen, so it’s good to have a screwdriver.

I have a regular screwdriver as well as a multi-tool. The multi-tool works for your flute and piccolo to adjust the screws.

If you can’t take your instrument to a tech right away, it’s good to have. Then, you can make sure you’ll get the best sound and response out of your flute or piccolo.

Multi-tool screwdriver for woodwinds

Do You Really Need Piccolo Accessories?

You don’t need a ton of piccolo accessories. However, I’d at least recommend getting some cleaning supplies, like a piccolo wand.

I also think wearing earplugs is important. If you lose your hearing, you won’t get it back.

Are Piccolo Accessories Expensive?

Some piccolo accessories are expensive, but others are more affordable. I’ve asked for certain accessories for birthday and holiday gifts.

If you can wait until your next birthday or holiday, you can add something to your wishlist. Then, you won’t have to pay anything.

Should You Buy Used Piccolo Accessories?

I’d try to avoid buying used piccolo accessories. Some can be pretty gross, especially cleaning rods an earplugs.

However, you may be able to buy a used Picc Pocket or a used screwdriver. Those should hold up well between multiple owners.

Which Piccolo Accessories Will You Use?

The right piccolo accessories can make a huge difference. Some won’t help your playing, but they can help with comfort or other things.

Be sure to shop for the accessories you need. And if you want to put those items to use, download a copy of my new set of etudes: Piccolo Picks!

Piccolo Picks: Etudes for Piccolo

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