Best Flute Cases and Bags for Piccolo Players

What are the best flute cases for your piccolo playing? You should consider a few options and think about your needs to choose one that meets your needs.

Best Flute Cases and Bags | Piccolo Perfection

I’ve tried plenty of cases and bags for my flute and piccolo. Here are some options that I think are worth considering as you shop for some good accessories.

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Your Current Piccolo Case

One of the best flute cases you can use is the case that came with your piccolo. You don’t have to worry about buying a new case, and you’ll know it works for your instrument.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a good case that fits your piccolo. There are metal, plastic, and wood piccolos, and they all have different dimensions.

When you buy a piccolo, it should come in a case that will fit it perfectly. So you can make sure the piccolo will stay safe when you need to store or transport it.

Hammig Piccolo Case

If your current piccolo is a Hammig, you can buy a replacement Hammig Piccolo Case. This is a good option if your case breaks or if you have some other issue with the case.

Maybe you have an extra headjoint that you want to store safely. If your piccolo is from a different brand, you may be able to get a case from the manufacturer.

Now, some piccolo cases are expensive. But buying the case from the company that made your piccolo will help save you the stress of having to adjust your case to fit the piccolo.

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Pearl Piccolo Case

I also have a Pearl 105, and I keep it in its case that it came with. The nice thing about this particular case is that it has space for two headjoints.

If you have a piccolo with similar dimensions, you can test it out to see if your piccolo would fit. Then, you’ll have space for the current headjoint and the option for an upgrade.

Sadly, you’ll have to buy the case directly from Pearl itself. I don’t know if they sell it through other music stores like some brands do.

Protec Flute Case Cover

When it comes to the best flute cases, sometimes, the best is a bag or case cover. The Protec Flute Case Cover is an excellent option if you need somewhere to store a flute and piccolo.

It’s a black bag that has a big main pocket to fit your instruments. There’s also an outside pocket to store your accessories and piccolo stand or whatever else you need.

It has a nice zipper and an adjustable shoulder strap. That makes it a nice choice for anyone who plays the flute and piccolo together much more convenient.

Protec Flute Case Cover | Piccolo Perfection

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Protec PRO PAC Case

The Protec PRO PAC Case is specifically a piccolo case that you can buy separately from your current piccolo. It’s a good option if you want some extra storage space.

If you ever need to take just your piccolo somewhere, it doesn’t make sense to use a full flute bag. But this case has an outside pocket just like some other instrument cases.

It also comes with a wrist strap to make it easier to carry the case. That way, you don’t have to worry about taking up an entire hand to carry your instrument around.

Protec Flute/Piccolo Combination PRO PAC Case

If you want a case that fits both your flute and piccolo, the Combination PRO PAC Case is perfect. It has slots for your flute headjoint, body, and footjoint as well as your piccolo headjoint and body.

The exterior part is nylon, which is water-resistant, so it can help protect your instruments. Inside, the footjoint slot works for either a C or B foot, so you can use it with most flutes.

There’s also a slot for cork grease if you have a piccolo that features a cork on the tenon. You’ll also get an outside pocket, handles, and a shoulder strap.

MTS 646E Molded Piccolo Case

Another piccolo-specific case you may want to get is the MTS 646E Molded Piccolo Case. It looks a lot like the case that my Armstrong 204 came in in that it’s very simple.

The case just has space for your piccolo headjoint and body. It’s a hard case, which is nice for students who have to put their piccolo through a lot and to take it everywhere.

I like how thin the case is, but it’s not the best if you have tons of accessories. You’ll need to use another case or bag to store your cleaning supplies, earplugs, and piccolo stand.

Altieri Flute and Piccolo Combo Case Cover

I’ve heard so many good things about Altieri when it comes to the best flute cases and bags. The Altieri Flute and Piccolo Combo Case Cover is a nice choice.

Now, Altieri bags are very expensive, so they aren’t the best for beginners. But from what I’ve heard, the bags hold up for a long time, so they can be well worth the cost.

You can keep your flute and piccolo together so that you always have them. There’s also space for accessories and even full-size orchestra folder to store your music.

Fluterscooter Bag

If you want something more stylish, I’d recommend getting a Fluterscooter Bag. These bags are also expensive, but they come from a small business, so you get to support that as well.

You can choose from colors like black, cedar wood, silver, and more. Some of the bags use patent leather, but most of them use vegan leather, so they aren’t as expensive as they could be.

I like the style with shorter handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. But no matter which style you get, you’ll have room for your flute, piccolo, and various accessories.

Fluterscooter Bag | Piccolo Perfection

What to Look for in the Best Flute Cases

It’s nice to know about the best flute cases and bags for your piccolo. But it can also be overwhelming since there are tons of choices to compare.

Here are some tips to follow when you’re looking for a new case or bag to store your piccolo.

Space for Both Flutes

A lot of the times that I’ve played the piccolo, I’ve also had to play the flute. That means it’s nice if you want to keep your piccolo and flute together for rehearsals, concerts, and practice sessions.

Sure, you can carry both cases separately, but that gets to be annoying. I also tend to carry a bag with my music, and I usually bring a water bottle and sometimes a music stand.

If you’re a woodwind doubler, you may have even more gear to tote around. You should look for a case or bag where you can keep both instruments to help cut down on your load.

The Color

Another thing you need to determine is what color case or bag you want. Some brands, like Protec and Flutersooter, make bags in all kinds of colors, so you can express your personal style.

However, it can also be nice to get a black bag. That way, you can keep it with you on stage when you’re performing, and the bag won’t be as obvious as a bright pink bag, for example.

Of course, black bags are super common, so you may want to add a keychain or something. Then, you’ll be able to determine which bag is yours if you have to leave it with other flute bags.

The Handles

I’d also recommend looking for a case or bag with a handle or two. Ideally, the case or bag would have a shoulder strap so that you don’t have to take up one of your hands just to carry your stuff.

But, having a handle is a good way to help carry your piccolo. You won’t have to hold the entire piccolo case in your hand, which can be hard to juggle.

Look at where the handles are on a case or bag as well as the materials. A handle isn’t worth it if it’s not attached to the case or bag very well.

Pockets and/or Storage

You should also consider if you want any pockets or storage directly in the bag or case. I like having a pocket to store my cleaning supplies and other necessities.

That way, I can easily grab my piccolo if I just need that instrument. But if you keep your piccolo and flute together, it also helps to have pockets and storage space.

Consider how much room you have and what you can keep in the bag. Some bags are big enough for music, but others are just for smaller accessories.

Do You Need a Special Flute Case or Bag?

You don’t need a special flute case or bag, so it’s perfectly fine to use what comes with your instruments. However, it’s nice to have a special bag that holds your flute and piccolo.

Are Flute Cases Expensive?

Some of the flute cases and bags are quite expensive, and they can cost hundreds of dollars. But you can find tons of other cases that are reasonably priced.

When Should You Change Out Your Flute Case?

You can change out your flute case or bag whenever you want. I tend to switch things up based on the instruments that I need to bring with me.

For example, if I just need my piccolo, it makes more sense to bring it in its regular case and cover. But when I also need to play the flute, I’ll use a flute bag that fits both.

What Are the Best Flute Cases for You?

There are tons of options out there, which can make it hard to narrow down the best flute cases. But some cases are better for specific scenarios or certain types of players.

If you want to learn more about piccolo gear, check out the resources page.

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