Piccolo Perfection. I came up with this blog and the name to share more about my piccolo playing experience.

While I’ve been blogging for a few years and have written about the piccolo, the posts were mixed in with other music topics. That was fine at the time, but I wanted to develop a space just for the piccolo.

So Piccolo Perfection was born.

The piccolo gets a lot of love, but it also gets a lot of hate. If you’re a flute player, you probably have strong feelings about the piccolo.

To help increase the love for the piccolo, I write weekly blog posts on the topic. Blog posts cover tips and tricks, reviews, and other helpful subjects for piccolo players of all levels.

Whether you’re piccolo-curious or have been playing it for a while, you can always learn a little more.

What to Expect

  • Weekly blog posts
  • Tips and tricks for playing the flute
  • Instrument recommendations
  • Sheet music and book suggestions
  • Other digital resources

Who Piccolo Perfection Is For

Piccolo perfection is for any piccolo player. You can be looking for your first piccolo or be pursuing a career as a piccolo specialist. But anyone in between will also be able to enjoy Piccolo Perfection.

As a piccolo specialist myself, I use my experience to write the blog posts for this blog. But I also use my network of other flute and piccolo players to help create content for you.

Piccolo Playing Done Right

Piccolo playing doesn’t have to be hard or scary. In fact, it should be fun and exciting!

You get to explore a role in an ensemble that you don’t get to have when just playing the flute. And with a growing body of unique piccolo repertoire, you can play a lot more solo music.

Who Am I?

Hey there, I’m Hannah, and I’m a piccolo player and blogger. I love using the internet to educate others on music and similar topics.

After years of struggling to get really good at the piccolo, I knew I didn’t want other flutists to have that same problem. Since I already knew how to run a blog, I thought I’d start a second one just for the piccolo.

So if you want to take your piccolo playing to the next level, this blog is for you. Head to the resources page for more information to help you perfect your piccolo playing!