August 2022

How to Learn Piccolo Music for a Competition

Are you looking to enter a competition on the piccolo? You should consider how to learn piccolo music for a competition so that you can increase your chances of success. Learning music isn’t easy in general, and that’s especially true for a competition. Read on for some tips to help you learn new repertoire.

Grenadilla vs. Grenaditte Piccolos

How do grenadilla vs. grenaditte piccolos compare? If you’re looking at getting a new instrument, you should learn about both materials and their differences and similarities. That way, you’ll have a better chance of choosing the perfect piccolo for you. Read on for the basics and what you need to know about these instruments.

5 Benefits of Earplugs When Playing Piccolo

Do you know the benefits of earplugs for piccolo players? Some advantages are obvious, but others are a bit less clear until you really think about them. Before you decide you’re safe to play piccolo without them, consider how earplugs can help. Then, you can choose a good pair that meets your needs.

Can Playing Piccolo Damage Hearing?

Can playing piccolo damage hearing? You may have asked yourself this question, especially if you developed a ringing in your ear (tinnitus) after a practice session. Before you quit the piccolo entirely, consider the risks and how you can protect yourself. Then, you can enjoy playing the smallest member of the flute family.