February 2022

Earplugs and Piccolo Playing

The piccolo can be a pretty polarizing instrument. Some people love it, while others despise it. However, combining earplugs and piccolo can make the instrument more enjoyable to play or listen to. While earplugs aren’t always necessary, they can also save you from some preventable hearing damage. Should you wear earplugs?

3 Benefits of a Piccolo Stand

Are you looking for a new piccolo stand? Do you want to know if it’s even worth it? The best piccolo stand offers a lot of benefits. Some advantages are clear, while others are less obvious. Read on to learn why you should use a stand for your piccolo.

8 Best Piccolo Concertos

Are you looking to play a new piece of piccolo music? You should consider a few piccolo concertos. Even if you don’t have an orchestra to play with, a concerto can help you expand your knowledge and play better. But you should choose a concerto that you like.