Metal vs. Plastic Piccolo: A Comparison

Do you want to play the piccolo? You should compare metal vs. plastic models to help decide which is right for you. The piccolo that works best for me might not work for you and vice versa. So give the two materials a comparison to make your choice.

Best Piccolo Brands to Consider

Do you need a good piccolo to play in school or for fun? You should know about the best piccolo brands and some of their popular models. That way, you can compare the models and choose one that suits your playing. Because while recommendations are nice, we’re all different.

Piccolo vs. Fife: How Do They Compare?

Do you want to play a small, transverse flute? Today, we’re comparing the piccolo vs. fife to help you decide if one is better for you. While some people play both instruments, you may want to stick with one. So which one should you choose?