Pearl 105 Piccolo Review

When shopping for a piccolo, you should consider piccolo reviews to narrow your choices. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts about the Pearl 105 piccolo. Whether you’re a piccolo student, performer, or teacher, you should know about this incredible piccolo model. Even if you don’t end up getting it, you never know if… Continue reading Pearl 105 Piccolo Review

Piccolo History: Your Guide

Do you know your piccolo history? If you want to play the piccolo and take it seriously, you should understand where the instrument came from. A lot of its history is similar to that of the flute. But there are some important differences that you should know when playing both instruments. A quick note: this… Continue reading Piccolo History: Your Guide

Piccolo Repertoire: Music You Need to Know

You may know your flute repertoire well: Bach, Mozart, French pieces. But what about piccolo repertoire? What pieces should every piccolo player know? Some piccolo repertoire you should know is similar to flute rep. However, there are quite a few differences, from Baroque to modern works. Read on to learn about some influential piccolo pieces… Continue reading Piccolo Repertoire: Music You Need to Know