Pearl 105 Piccolo Review

When shopping for a piccolo, you should consider piccolo reviews to narrow your choices. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts about the Pearl 105 piccolo.

Whether you’re a piccolo student, performer, or teacher, you should know about this incredible piccolo model. Even if you don’t end up getting it, you never know if you’ll buy it in the future or know someone who will buy it.

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What Is the Pearl 105 Piccolo?

The Pearl 105 piccolo is a beginner to intermediate model instrument. It’s an excellent piccolo to play inside and outside because it’s a composite model.
Pearl calls their composite material ‘grenaditte’ because it combines grenadilla wood with plastic. The wood means the piccolo sounds very similar to a full wood piccolo. However, the plastic keeps the piccolo from cracking.
That means you can play it in different conditions and not worry about damage. I played on a Pearl piccolo as my main piccolo for about three and a half years, and it’s now my backup piccolo.

Features and Specs

The Pearl 105 piccolo has a composite headjoint and body, and it features the standard range down to low D. It has silver-plated keys and a split-E mechanism, making high E easier to produce.
You can choose between the 105E and 105ES, which feature a wave headjoint and a traditional headjoint, respectively. I have the 105E, and I love the wave headjoint.
When playing the piccolo, I tend to put a lot of air into the instrument, and the wave style can handle that. But some players prefer a traditional headjoint, so try both if you can.
Pearl 105 Wave Headjoint | Piccolo Perfection

Pros of the Pearl Piccolo

The biggest advantage of the Pearl piccolo is its sound. Many players will use it even as they advance. As I mentioned, I played on it for a few years, including almost the entirety of my masters in music.
It sounds almost like some wood piccolos, so you might not need to upgrade as quickly. That can save you money in the long run.
The instrument is also well-made, so it’s durable and easy to play. It’s a great option for new piccolo players or anyone wanting an affordable upgrade from a plastic or metal model.

Cons of the Pearl Piccolo

Unfortunately, the Pearl piccolo isn’t perfect. Compared to other plastic and composite piccolos, it’s relatively expensive. It costs over $1,100, while similar models are less than $1,000.
This Pearl piccolo also isn’t the right fit for every player. Some players may like a different brand, such as Di Zhao or Yamaha, better. Make sure you try multiple piccolos to make your choice.
I’ve also found that some of the higher notes don’t come out consistently or at all. I have to work really hard to produce a high B.

Who the Piccolo Is For

The Pearl 105 piccolo is great for beginners and intermediate piccolo players and students. You can get a great instrument for a good price, and you don’t have to worry about the wood cracking.
But you might find it limits you and your playing after a while. Still, that shouldn’t happen as early as it would if you bought a plastic or metal piccolo.
If you don’t think you’ll play the piccolo that much but need a good instrument, this is an excellent choice. It’s also nice for more serious players to keep as a backup because it won’t crack in storage.

Who the Piccolo Isn’t For

The Pearl piccolo isn’t the right choice for players who can’t get a good sound on it. If you tend to like American-made flutes and piccolos better, you may prefer a Gemeinhardt or Burkart Resona.
It’s also not the best option for players on a tighter budget. You’ll need to spend more on it than other piccolos that might suit your needs better.
Pearl 105 Piccolo Case | Piccolo Perfection


Can I hear how the piccolo sounds?

Of course! You can hear me play the piccolo on my first masters recital.

How can you buy the piccolo?

You can buy the piccolo online from a retailer or from a music store near you. If you want a used one, you can look at Facebook marketplace and similar places.

Should you buy the piccolo new or used?

You can buy the piccolo new or used. If you buy a used one, be sure to ask the owner about the instrument’s maintenance history to make sure it hasn’t been neglected.

Is the Pearl 105 Piccolo for You?

The Pearl 105 piccolo is a fantastic instrument for beginners, advanced players, and everyone in between. You can get a good sound on it without the worries of owning a wooden instrument.
Whether you’re a casual player looking for a piccolo or a serious piccoloist needing a backup instrument, give the Pearl 105 a chance. It may be just what you need.

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